Free Album | Substanced – When The World Collapses | 20.01.12.


Substanced - When The World Collapses


What an outrageous way to kick things off again. An enormous twenty-five track, double-album from FINRG artist, Substanced. The first part is a collection of original work, with the second featuring remixes of those same tracks by a selection of artists. Some incredible tracks in here.

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Free Track | Hybridize Digital – Two Free Tracks | 29.05.11.




Two new tacks courtesy of the extraordinarily productive Hybridize label. These two are just about Freeform. But it’s a fine line between Freeform & Hard Dance/Trance. Good tracks, none the less. The first is Unhola, by Epyx & Cyrez, and the second is a Guld remix of the same track. Enjoy.

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