Free Album | RuffBeatz – Audio Crysis – RB005 | 27.04.11.


Audio Crysis


From RuffBeatz “J-Core UK/Happy Hardcore and Freeform rolled into one sweet compilation album! RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis is out now! Grab it before the evil penguins eat you! Why evil penguins? I don’t know! Just grab it while its hot!”. I’ve had a quick listen to all the tracks, and there’s some really good stuff in there. Huge respect for people like RuffBeatz who are putting serious time and effort into releasing free music. You visit their website here, or there SoundCloud here.

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Free Track | The Helblinde Collection – Five Free Tracks | March 2011




We featured Helblinde’s set from the allKore Riot Kontrol even the other day, and in that post we promised you that we’d follow that up with some more from this guy. True to our promise, here are five free tracks. Some awesome, awesome work here. As usual, YouTube videos, individual download links, and then ZIP file download link – all below. Oh, almost forgot – you can keep up-to-date with Helblinde on his wesbite.

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Live Set | Helblinde @ allKore Riot Kontrol 03 | 04.03.11.

allKore Riot Kontrol 03


Here’s Helblinde’s set from the allKore Riot Kontrol radio event from earlier this month. This is brilliant stuff. I challenge anyone to listen to this and [em]not[/em] smile. Helblinde is a Swedish-based producer of UK Hardcore, J-Core, Industrial and Gabba. Talented guy. Check his SoundCloud for more, and watch this space – we’ve got a couple of sneaky free tracks from Helblinde that will be making an appearance very shortly.

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