Starstruck – 22 Free Tracks | 07.12.11.


Australia With Force


In late 2011, Starstruck – Australian producer and owner of Australia With Force – stopped producing Hardcore. As a parting gift, he made available the overwhelming majority of the tracks that he’d produced since 2008. Below are the twenty-two of those that were released on the AWF label. Massive. Continue reading

Free Album | Ravers Addition – Himbo & Hoodzie ft. Static – 2009

Ravers Addition


Our archiving effort of the Free Albums page continues. The latest addition (geddit?) is the first installment of the Ravers Addition series. The series is currently up to number six. It’s been a little quiet over at Ravers Addition HQ for a while, and we’re not sure if we can expect a seventh album. We hope we do though, because they’re pretty fantastic. Get involved; visit our Free Albums page.

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