Free Track | 2Headz – Be With You (Hoodzie Remix) | 01.07.11.




Lovely vocal number remixed by Hoodzie, and released as free due to Hoodzie reaching 200 followers on Twitter. Have to say, I’m starting to really like this “I’ll give away a free track every time I reach X number of followers” way of thinking!

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DJ Mix | Hoodzie & MC Steal – Debut Mix | 18.05.11.


Hoodzie & MC Steal


Good mix from the always impressive Hoodzie. MC Steal will need an introduction though. I’ll let Hoodzie do the honours: “As of this week I have now teamed up with MC Steal. We will now be pushing ourselves as a partnership in the Hardcore scene doing regular mixes and also getting in the studio together to bang out some tracks! If you haven’t heard of MC Steal then you are missing out, this guy has the energy I’ve been looking for in an MC for a while now, and look forward to working in the studio and on the stage with him. Expect some big things from us in the near future as we aim to rock a dance floor near you very soon ;)”.

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Free Album | Ravers Addition – Vol. 4 | 2010


Ravers Addition 4


Just a sneaky one to let everyone know that Ravers Addition 4 has now been added to the Free Albums page. Some absolutely blinding tracks on here. Track submissions for Ravers Addition 7 are now being taken, so you can expect to see that by perhaps the summer time? We’ll get numbers 5 and 6 up for you very shortly as well.

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Free Album | Ravers Addition – Himbo & Hoodzie ft. Static – 2009

Ravers Addition


Our archiving effort of the Free Albums page continues. The latest addition (geddit?) is the first installment of the Ravers Addition series. The series is currently up to number six. It’s been a little quiet over at Ravers Addition HQ for a while, and we’re not sure if we can expect a seventh album. We hope we do though, because they’re pretty fantastic. Get involved; visit our Free Albums page.

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Free Album | Gisbo Promotion Album – January 2011

Gisbo Promotional Album


If you haven’t heard of Gisbo, then you absolutely have to download this free album. It features three CDs. Two mixed CDs and a third, unmixed, CD -featuring no less than 10 top draw remixes. The boy from Wales is making waves in Hardcore at the moment, producing a hell of a lot of good stuff. He’s big on vocals, and often provides them himself. The boy can sing, that’s for sure. Below, we’ve got the tracklist and the YouTube video advert. To start downloading, get yourself over to our Free Albums page.

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