DJ Mix | DJ Bubble & MC Offside – The Re-Match – Part 2 | 06.04.11.


The Re-Match


Nice little feature mix from Bubble. Here’s a word from him: “Firstly we hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the Rematch!! We had a massive response to the mix and would like to thank everyone who listened to it! This second mix features a lot of new producers own tracks and also my own. We hope you enjoy the mix. All feedback is appreciated”. Check out Bubble’s SoundCloud for more.

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DJ Mix | DJ Bubble – JB Recordings Mini-Mix Showcase | 25.03.11.

JB Recordings


We rarely deny you the ability to download any mixes that we add, but this time it’s out of our hands. Apologies. Still, no excuse not to listen. A cheeky little fifteen-minute teaser of what to expect over the next few months from the JB boys.

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DJ Mix | Paul Manx & MC Boyzy – Salford Seshments – Krafty Radio – 19.02.11.


Short, but oh-so-sweet. Such a dreamy tracklist. Most definitely one for vocal-lovers. JB Recordings’ Paul Manx providing us with the tunage, and MC Boyzy on hand with MC support. Download this and you’ve got an extremely enjoyable 35 minutes ahead of you. Take a look and see what Paul’s been working on recently by visiting his SoundCloud page. Do take the time to check this guy out, because he really knows how to make a tune. Tracklist and download button below.


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