DJ Mix | DJ Midas – The “I’m Sorry Virgin Media Suck Balls” Mix | 04.06.11.


Raw Elements


This is DJ Midas’ Raw Elements replacement mix from last Thursday – when his internet died for four hours just as he was about to go live on Krafty Radio, hence the name of the mix. I’ve literally just finished listening to it – great mix.

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DJ Mix | Paul Manx & MC Boyzy – Salford Seshments – Krafty Radio – 19.02.11.


Short, but oh-so-sweet. Such a dreamy tracklist. Most definitely one for vocal-lovers. JB Recordings’ Paul Manx providing us with the tunage, and MC Boyzy on hand with MC support. Download this and you’ve got an extremely enjoyable 35 minutes ahead of you. Take a look and see what Paul’s been working on recently by visiting his SoundCloud page. Do take the time to check this guy out, because he really knows how to make a tune. Tracklist and download button below.


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