Album | RuffBeatz #10 – Hardcore Resistance | 05.11.12.


RuffBeatz #10 - Hardcore Resistance


A seriously powerful release from RuffBeatz. There are some magnificent tracks on here – ten in total. The absolute highlight is Ranzor – Shining Light. It’s my favourite track of 2012. All of the tunes are more than decent, but special mentions for Post Script, Breathe Again, and, of course, Shining Light. Continue reading

Free Track | Darren Styles – Outta My Head (Nakura Remix)| 2010




This is a pretty cool remix. Nakura: “My remix of Darren Style,s “Outta My Head”. I decided to give this track a bit of a old school and bouncy feel too it by giving it a nice stab sample and a bouncy bassline and lead melody.” You can listen to more of Nakura’s stuff over on SoundCloud. This track was also featured on the very recent ‘Hardcore Producer Vol. 2 – Future Of Hardcore’ album. More details on that album coming very, very soon.

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