No Monies No Worries – Vol. 1 | 07.04.13.


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No Monies No Worries is a downloadable mix that’s made up entirely of tracks that are available on this site. You can download the mix itself in WAV or 320 MP3, you can download each track individually, and you can download all of the tracks in one .rar file.

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Nu Foundation – Drifting Away (Cat Like Thief Remix) | 23.03.12.




Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of the death of Mikey Nu Foundation. A genuinely savage loss on a whole range of levels. Cat Like Thief has released a remix of Nu Foundation’s Drifting Away track, to commemorate the anniversary. Continue reading

Cat Like Thief – It Starts With A Whisper (Nu Foundation Remix) | 26.03.11.




Cat Like Thief on the recently passed Nu Foundation: “I remember when I finished Whisper, logged on to MSN, and said “Hey dude, remix this.” The next morning I had this sitting in my e-mails with the message “Hey, I did it. Is it good?” I think we can all agree that yes, Mikey, it is VERY good!”. What a special guy, what a special talent. R.I.P. Continue reading