Free Track & News | Breaking Free: Ponder – Echoes From The Abyss | 23.05.11.


Breaking Free


Enormous news. From the people that brought us the extraordinary Crush On Hardcore series comes a new album project. The project is called Breaking Free, and is a downloadable, double CD album mixed by Ponder & Wizbit, focusing on Breakbeat Hardcore and Drum & Bass. This album will be available for free download in August 2011. In the build-up to the album’s release, various free tracks will be released, and you can get bet ya boots that I’ll be getting them on here straight away.

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Free Track | Whojamaflip Bundle – Part 1 – Ten Free Tracks | April 2010




Massive, massive treat for you lot. I present the first of [em]three[/em] bundles from the Whojamaflip label. In total, you can expect a massive 26 tracks. How much do you want to come and stroke my penis? Honestly – I am [em]so[/em] good to you. And yes, you will have noticed that I have changed the “we” to “I”. Simple reason – I can’t be arsed to keep pretending that there’s a whole team of us working our nuts off for you lucky boys and girls. It’s just me. One man operation. Anyways, back to the music – in this first batch, you’ve got tracks from the likes of Skampy, TC, Next Level and Ponder. Some genuine top-quality hardcore here. Stay tuned for the next installments of this epic give-away.

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DJ Mix | Ponder – Transient Vol. 2 | January 2011



This is genuinely staggeringly good stuff. You seriously cannot afford to ignore this mix. This is what the man himself had to say about it: “It’s finally here! The long awaited (by at least 6 different people) follow up to my first artist mix ‘Transient’. In a similar vein to volume 1, this is a 75-ish minute studio mix of my own tracks and remixes from the last year or so, with a handful of new unreleased bits and a couple of VIP mixes created exclusively for this. Featuring Drum & Bass, Breakbeat Hardcore, Freeform, Liquid and other things in between.” As for Transient Vol. 1, you can find that over in our brand new Mix Archive section. For more Ponder stuff, visit his SoundCloud page.

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