No Monies No Worries – Vol. 1 | 07.04.13.


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No Monies No Worries is a downloadable mix that’s made up entirely of tracks that are available on this site. You can download the mix itself in WAV or 320 MP3, you can download each track individually, and you can download all of the tracks in one .rar file.

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DJ Mix | Rhythmics – 2011 Production Showcase | 22.03.11.



Heavy, heavy tunage. “Making this showcase was quite an experience. There is nothing quite as amazing and humbling as compiling all your blood, sweat and tears over the past three years and being able to gaze upon it with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Listening to this, I can’t help but thank everyone. From the people who call my music shit and do nothing but discourage me from Day 1, to the few special ones who have been supporting me from the beginning. You all influenced and helped shape the artist I am today. Thanks :)” Emotional stuff. Some seriously good shit in here, though. Don’t miss this.

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Free Track | Rhythmics & Smash – Untitled | 10.03.11.


ReBuild Music


Beautiful instrumental track from Rhythmics & Smash. The second tune that ReBuild Music have kindly given away in the last week or so. It’s all in celebration of the forthcoming double CD album that ReBuild are releasing in a few months time. It does look pretty epic, actually. Check it out for yourself, just click here. YouTube vid and download link for the Rhythmics & Smash tune are below.

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