Album | RuffBeatz #10 – Hardcore Resistance | 05.11.12.


RuffBeatz #10 - Hardcore Resistance


A seriously powerful release from RuffBeatz. There are some magnificent tracks on here – ten in total. The absolute highlight is Ranzor – Shining Light. It’s my favourite track of 2012. All of the tunes are more than decent, but special mentions for Post Script, Breathe Again, and, of course, Shining Light. Continue reading

Free Track | K.H.D. – Asynchronmaschine EP – RuffBeatz SP0.02 | February 2011.


RuffBeatz - SP0.02


A little something for those of a harder persuasion. This is one of RuffBeatz’s special EPs, and consists of two Gabber tracks. Menacing stuff. Watch out for samples galore in the K.H.D. track. I can make out A Few Good Men and Deep Blue Sea. Any others, anyone else?

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Free Album | RuffBeatz – Audio Crysis – RB005 | 27.04.11.


Audio Crysis


From RuffBeatz “J-Core UK/Happy Hardcore and Freeform rolled into one sweet compilation album! RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis is out now! Grab it before the evil penguins eat you! Why evil penguins? I don’t know! Just grab it while its hot!”. I’ve had a quick listen to all the tracks, and there’s some really good stuff in there. Huge respect for people like RuffBeatz who are putting serious time and effort into releasing free music. You visit their website here, or there SoundCloud here.

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Free Track | Mr. Mann – Groundshaker EP | 04.02.11.



Cheeky little EP from a chap called Mr. Mann. The first track is Groundshaker, a pretty fierce and serious sounding instrumental number. It threatens to beak into a bit of Gabber in various parts, but resists nicely. Very cool track. The second is Curbstomp, which is a much more playful affair. Good euphoric vibes, with some gradual builds and big releases – would be a good one on the dancefloor. For more on Mr. Mann, check out his SoundCloud. He’s got some really varied stuff on there. Trance, Hardcore, DnB, Dubstep. YouTube vids and download links below.

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