Mix | HBC Podcast – Episode 5 – Solution & S3RL | 26.04.13.


Hard Beats Collective


The fifth episode of the re-launched Hard Beats Collective Podcast. Shamefully, it’s the first one that I’ve managed to get on here. Exceptional Nu Energy-themed mix from Solution, and a rather potent mix from S3RL, showing off his slightly harder side.

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Starstruck – 22 Free Tracks | 07.12.11.


Australia With Force


In late 2011, Starstruck – Australian producer and owner of Australia With Force – stopped producing Hardcore. As a parting gift, he made available the overwhelming majority of the tracks that he’d produced since 2008. Below are the twenty-two of those that were released on the AWF label. Massive. Continue reading

News | Close To The Edge Collective – Podcasts, Tracks, Albums | Feb. 2012


Close To The Edge Collective


The Close To The Edge Collective is a brand new, multi-purpose outlet for a range of styles, with a pretty big Hardcore focus. The group will be releasing weekly podcasts, monthly free tracks as well as occasional album projects. The first three week’s worth of podcasts are available to download now, with week one being hosted by the legendary S3RL.

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New Album | Hardcore Energy 2 – Pre-order Now – 17.03.11.


Twenty-six unmixed tracks.  Two full DJ mixes from Kevin Energy & S3RL.  £9.99.  That should be all the information that you need to convince you to buy this album.  Put together by the NuEnergyCollective, and featuring tracks from the likes of Kevin Energy, Lost Soul, S3RL, Little Fella, Eryk Orpheus, Sharkey and Haze – this is absolutely not one to be missed.  Pre-orders availble now at HardBeatsDownload, with a release date of 17th March scheduled.  The album will also be available from all the usual download stores (trackitdown, iTunes, beatport, Juno, Amazon) on the 31st.  Get those pre-orders in now!


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