Free Track | Darren Styles – Outta My Head (Seb Narcotic Remix) | 29.05.11.


Darren Styles


This will be popular, no doubt. Seb Narcotic’s remix of Styles’ hugely popular Outta My Head is “a total floor filler of mine, tried and testing at events all over the UK”. I can definitely see that.

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Free Track | Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me (Seb Narcotic Remix) | 09.05.11.




Sounds shockers on paper, but Seb has managed to turn a truly hateful song into a really good hardcore track. Don’t be put off, make sure you check this one out. Seb’s whacking out some good shit these days, and you can follow him over on SoundCloud, SoundCloud – free tracks and facebook.

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Free Track | Nordic Stars – Tell Me Why (Seb Narcotic Remix) | 2010


Nordic Stars


Love these vocals, so good. Ultravibes bashed out a wicked remix of this recently that you might have heard. Unfortunately, his one isn’t a free download. But Seb Narcotic’s remix is, and it’s an extremely fine one. This will get everyone stomping. More from Seb: SoundCloud

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