Free Track | Whojamaflip Bundle – Part 1 – Ten Free Tracks | April 2010




Massive, massive treat for you lot. I present the first of [em]three[/em] bundles from the Whojamaflip label. In total, you can expect a massive 26 tracks. How much do you want to come and stroke my penis? Honestly – I am [em]so[/em] good to you. And yes, you will have noticed that I have changed the “we” to “I”. Simple reason – I can’t be arsed to keep pretending that there’s a whole team of us working our nuts off for you lucky boys and girls. It’s just me. One man operation. Anyways, back to the music – in this first batch, you’ve got tracks from the likes of Skampy, TC, Next Level and Ponder. Some genuine top-quality hardcore here. Stay tuned for the next installments of this epic give-away.

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