Podcast | The CLSM Podcast – Episode Two | 15.07.11.


The CLSM Podcast - Episode One


Episode two. Lovely. “The second in the CLSM breakbeat podcast series. Download via our site, through Soundcloud or through iTunes. If you are subscribed on iTunes new episodes will be downloaded for you automagically. This can be useful if you have no brain.. Podcast may contain secret information that we are not supposed to reveal. Continue reading

Podcast | The CLSM Podcast – Episode One | 20.05.11.


The CLSM Podcast - Episode One


Breakbeat Hardcore fan? Then this is most definitely going to please you. To coincide with the launch of their refurbished MP3 store, CLSM has decided to start a podcast series: “Most of the tunes will be breakbeat hardcore, which will encompass a wide range of influences such as our more well-known styles of old skool and ravey stuff right through to freeform, drum n bass and dubstep”. This is good, good stuff.

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